When you are doing your dishes, do your dishes. Oftentimes, when I'm cleaning up after a meal, my mind is all over the place: rethinking the dinner conversation, planning this, dreaming of that, berating myself over this, being angry at someone for that, being jealous of someone else for this, wanting that, worrying about this, hoping for that. All cool, but we're doing this a lot. We're doing this while we're on the bus, in the car, walking the dog, brushing our teeth, sitting in a meeting, waiting in line, getting our hair cut, watching the load symbol spin. It is rare that we solve anything that way and it stresses us out.

So instead, we could just do our dishes when doing the dishes. It is that simple. Notice where you are, notice your breath, notice the water, the soap, look at the plate, and just do your dishes. When you realize thatyour mind is running off again, soften. Relax and return to your dishes. Scrub, rinse, repeat. That's all there is.