Good Things

My name is Annette Aylward. I am a weaver and stitcher who makes all the linen goods offered here with the intention to create good design and good products for an uncomplicated kitchen.

100% Linen

All my pieces are made from 100% linen, a natural plant fiber that is strong, absorbent, and thus great for use in the kitchen.

I am using French and Belgian linen yarns for the hand-woven pieces, and imported European linen fabric for linings and some smaller items.

Made in California

My goods are handcrafted in a small workspace on the coast in Northern California. Weaving on wooden floor looms is a slow process that creates unique items, beautiful selvages and a wonderful texture.

Of Use

I make kitchen linens for everyday use. I hope you won't hesitate to get your hands and dishes clean, and your towels dirty. You will see that linen is easy to care for and ages well.