Linen Care

Wash warm

Linen is very durable and even stronger wet than dry. You can generally machine wash linen on a warm cycle. All the towels have been pre-washed and will shrink little to none. Wash dark colors separately.

Line dry

Shake out and straighten wet linen pieces before using a cloth line, hanger, or cloth rack to let them air dry. Linen dries fast and won't need much if any pressing after line drying. Avoid tumble drying as it can weaken linen fibers and create permanent creasing and fraying.

Iron warm

Line dried linen has a distinct crinkled texture that looks great as it is. If you prefer a more polished look, you can steam press linen using a warm to hot iron. It is easier to press linen when it is damp, so iron your towels before they are completely dry or spray them lightly with water before pressing.

Wash often

Linen needs frequent laundering to stay absorbent and to prevent linting. With a little care the towels can last for years. Any rips or holes are best mended by hand.